Dyeing Management Control

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Doc. No.: WP/PRD /001 Issue Date :18.03.2014
Issue / Rev. No.: 1 / 0 Rev. Date: 18.03.2014
S.O.P. Dyeing Management Control (Process Control)


Sr Activity Responsibility Remarks
1 Conduct a series of experiments for the special processes. Operator










Production Supervisor
















Production Head (Master)

2 Consider the following factors while qualifying the parameters for the special processes.

A.   Man:

The operators carrying out the jobs must be qualified .

B.   Material:

The material used for qualification must be tested by a laboratory & QA dept.

C.   Machine:

The machine at the time of qualification must be in ‘OK’ Functioning status The measuring and test equipment used for observing the values of process parameters must be under valid calibration.

D. Method

Combining the above 3 resources carry out experiments with different settings and inspect the output for each set of parameter.

3 Review the inspection and test results and finalise the best-obtained set of parameter values for the process. Prepare the setting chart and display it.


If change in Man, Machine, Material than Requalify the process

4 Identify the receiving material by storing it in relevant designated area and define Raw Batch no.
5 R.M. Batch no maintain is as below: –

Material Type/ Month-year/Sr. no


Lot No. : ………..

Piece No. / Party Name : ………

Quantity In Mtrs. : .   …………….