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Doc. No.: WP/QAD /001 Issue Date :18.03.2014
Issue / Rev. No.: 1 / 0 Rev. Date: 18.03.2014
Sr Activity Responsibility Remarks
1 Use Cause & Effect diagram for analyzing cause of Customer complaints, Internal complaints etc. Checker





QA. Supervisor





Head QA






Manager Sales

2 Write non-conformity as “EFFECT” on right hand Side and conduct brain storming session with all Concerned persons
3 List the causes in 4 categories:

  • Man
  • Machine
  • Materials
  • Methods
4 Identify assignable causes and initiate corrective Actions.
5 Monitor the completion of corrective actions and their effectiveness and record the result.
6 Inform QAD for disposing the complaints immediately. Carry out cause and effect analysis if required with concern dept. and record the progress in customer complaint report & inform the progress to customer.
7 Maintain Quality wise Monthly record
8 Monthly records transfer in box file.
9 Box file to be number and maintain yearly as YP/QAD/Sr.No./ FY…..