MOM: HR & Admin Review

HR & Admin Review meeting on 22.04.2015:

Sri Atul Sir, Parimal C. Rathod and Sahdeo attended the meeting and discuss the following issues:



  1. a) Security personnel will be taken on GKPL pay roll with PF, ESI applicable to all regular employees.
  1. b) Basic will be (3800 to 4000/-) as per compliance requirement.
  1. c) Visitor book should be maintain properly and visitor slip should be kept in one month.
  1. d) Less than 5 days or replacement worker salary will be in cash*
  1. e) Salary transfer in account regular employees.
  1. Loan Issues:
  1. a) Loan and advance Knitting HOD will decide and approve then Kishan Ji sign for payment.
  1. b) Anil singh 7 Dipak will decide to approve advance & loan.
  1. Attendance:
  1. a) No register will be maintain for attendance and kept in security cabin.
  1. b) Three category of attendance card; Blue – Bank, Yellow- actual transfer employee ( two category), White- totally cash.
  1. c) Number of category wise card employees to be produced to Atul sir for further instruction.
  1. d) OT register will be removed from security office only one day sheet for OT details.
  1. Housekeeping Workers:
  1. a) If Balbir not take any responsibility to provide required manpower , we will appoint on company pay roll housekeeping workers.
  1. b) 3-4 Housekeeping worker hired on company payroll @ 200/- per day and payment will made 1 and 15 every month.
  1. Accident Register:
  1. a) If any accident occurred in company accident register will be maintain that day and inform concerned authority for further action.
  1. b) Accident employee will be admitted in civil hospital not in private hospital.
  1. c) In this context call emergency meeting to Managerial staff to discuss and resolve the issue.
  1. Boiler:
  1. a) Boiler employees on payroll payment mode should be by cheque.
  1. b) fireman and other will be taken on payroll with social security scheme.
  1. HR Policy:
  1. a) 15 Minutes grace period allowed for 5 days to all general shift staff after that ½ day deduction applicable.
  1. b) after one hour late coming ½ day applicable.
  1. c) Shift employees are follow the rule to leave their work place after reliever will come to work place.
  1. d) shift employees are strictly follow the rule. Knitting supervisor strictly maintain their 12 hour shift.
  1. e) Dyeing MSP supervisor / DEO also maintain the shift guideline.
  1. Work Procedure:
  1. a) Knitting Production work procedure should be made and take final approval to Atul sir.
  1. b) Organization chart of knitting production will be finalised and final print should be provide to concerned dept.
  1. Job Profile:
  1. a) Job profile should be define to every key post person to maintain their work and responsibility.
  1. b) Every new employee should clearly known their work and proper training should be provide to their seniors.
  1. c) If employees left their job responsibility /charge hand over to other employee with full details, list of works, contact details etc.

Above written points decided by Shri Atul Sir on 22.04.2015 .

Thanks and regards