MOM: Material Management

M.O.M of Material Management Meeting: 29-01-2015

MM meeting organised at 5.00 PM. In conference hall.

Sri Atul Sir, Pranav Tibrewal, Nikunj Bardoliwala, Gurav Desai, Rajendra Kumar Varma, Niru Madam and Sahdeo attended the meeting and discuss the following points.

  1. Coal Transportation bill: PO should be make including all taxes , GRN , A/C department to check the P.I. and make payment goods and transportation.
  1. CC Store: stock issue report item value upto 31st Jan-15
  1. a)     Identify the all material diluted.
  1. b)     Concentrated all material dilution ratio make two items.
  1. c)       Define standard price to diluted issue material.
  1. d)     If 100 kgx10 after dilution 1000 kg actual price divided by diluted quantity as standard price of diluted issue material.
  1. Engg. Store: GRN-Issue pending 10th Jan-15 target date of completion to all GRN and Issue on next Saturday.
  1. Material issue from plant: Educe training pending ?
  1. Cost check of every week: Issue material cost should be check every week as per define standard price of diluted issue material. Every Friday cost should be check issue material ; correct or not.
  1. Utility:
  1. GEB Bill.
  1. a)     GEB: electricity consumption should be issue as per cost centre;
  1. b)     Electricity amount not coming in cost centre; Educe consulting to be check and resolve.
  1. Coal:
  1. a)     Transportation coal.
  1. b)     Coal cost should be define with cost centre.
  1. c)       Issue rate should be check in system; coal price according cost centre.
  1. Labour:
  1. a)     Daily labour costing report make by Hiren Patel according cost centre.
  1. b)     Hiren will entered the labour cost according cost centre.
  1. c)     User & login provide to Hiren Patel to enter in the system.

Every issues discuss in the meeting and decision taken by the Director Sri Atul sir and all members are accepted the guide line to complete the work in targeted deadline.

Thanks and regards