Dyeing of blended fabrics in a single bath

  • Usually dyeing of Polyester + Acrylic blended fabric & Nylon+ Acrylic blends fabrics done with two bath dyeing Process.
  • In both above blended fabrics first disperse or acid dyes passed in bath, after dyeing completion bath drain .Now in second bath basic dyes passes and dyeing gets completed.
  • Now the question is why two bath dyeing?
  • This is because the ionic charge of disperse and Basic dyes are different and same way ionic charge of Acid and basic dyes are different so it can easily get precipitated when come in contact with each other.
  • For controlling these dyes during dyeing we require Leveling agents, but normal leveling agents are compatible with one type of dye and it gets precipitated when it come in contact with other type of dyes. I.E If leveling agent of acid dye comes in contact with Basic dye it gets precipitated and dyeing will spoil .That is why two bath dyeing process is required for above blends.
  • Nowadays product available in market which is called anti precipitant .It prevents dye bath co-precipitation when using combination of acid, Basic and/or disperse.
  • This product facilitates dyeing of blends in single dye bath with anionic/cationic formulations.
  • Some of the suppliers supply this kind of products, the details of which are as follows.
Product Name Properties Manufacturer Agent
Dyesol AC Anti precipitant in dye bath B R Specialities Ambica Auxiliiary